BROKEN: Good News for Tough Times
Paul’s letter to the Romans is addressed to people he had never met in the hopes of encouraging and building up this community to which he dreamed of traveling. He knew Christian life was a perilous one, and the world in which the church was growing and spreading was unpredictable and increasingly diverse. In this series covering some of the letter’s most intriguing and inspiring passages, we learn how God sustains us in the midst of brokenness, both within and without, helping us find wholeness and unity, no matter what crises we are facing.

Broken Spirit, Broken Bodies based on the scripture Romans 8: 1-11

Labor Pains, based on the scripture Romans 8: 12-25

Inseparable, based on Romans 8: 26-39

All-Inclusive Grace, based on Romans 9:1-5

Pastor Bob continues the series “Broken: Good News for Tough Times.”

God is in Control; includes prayer, music and scripture!