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Join us for a celebration of our members and their graduation from college.

A message from Rev. Dr. Margie Bryce:


More than five years ago I was offered the opportunity to pastor a Vital Merger, several congregations who wanted to come together and do a new thing.

Can you believe it’s been almost FIVE years?  Me neither. On the other hand, when we look back and consider our journey, it may seem more like TEN.

We’ve been through lots together. Becoming one new congregation out of more than four congregations. Doing worship in one location for a year and then having to relocate into the temporary facility (Trillium) that would be our home for about four years. Searching and searching for our final home. Finding the Beech Daly property. Going through the process of creating this beautiful building that houses our worship and which will enable DRUMC to take its first serious steps into serving its community.

I truly believe that my task is complete. I have total peace about handing over the reins to DRUMC to the new pastor. I am satisfied that I have been faithful and obedient with everything the Lord has asked of me while I served Jesus at DRUMC. And THAT, is a good place to be.

We have talked a lot about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. And, as I release this faith community into the hands of the new leader that will take you the next steps, my prayer is that everything we shared will come back to your minds and hearts. I pray that God will give you all a passion for offering the love of Jesus Christ to everyone you encounter. I pray that God will create in your hearts a desire for your community of faith to become a disciple-making factory and that all who enter the doors will encounter the love, peace, rest and hope of Jesus Christ.

That, my friends, will bless God. I have been proud to be called your pastor and blessed to be the Founding Pastor of DRUMC. I will be excited to know that everything we went through together was well worth it and that God is saying to both of us, “Well done good and faithful servants!”


We desire to grow in our relationship with Jesus and to put into action all that it means to be faithful disciples of Jesus. We have not arrived yet, and we are not perfect, but we strive to evaluate where we are and to take the NEXT STEP toward fully embracing everything it means to be God’s people.

Missed a Sunday or want to listen to past sermon messages again? We have them here all for you!

We all tend to place ourselves first. However, we are seeking to love and serve God in action by serving others. We are learning what being God’s people looks like in our daily lives and we want to live this out in action so that God’s love can be experienced by others.

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​The DRUMC journey began with a gathering of people from five congregations who chose to come together as one new church to do a NEW thing. Our previous paths were not leading to a good place, and God called us to this journey and we said YES! This means each congregation either has sold their previous locations. We worship together in a new temporary location while we renovate our new location on Beech Daly in Taylor. We are learning how to be God’s people a new in ways.

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12 Classes: June 5th thru August 28th​, 6-7pm

• Please wear loose, comfortable clothing
• Bring YOGA mat and water 
• No Fee 
• Arrive 10 minutes early
• Questions call Lisa at 313.561.5100 x227
• For all levels—beginners welcome!


We would love to have you visit DRUMC and grow in your faith, serve along side of us and become part of our church family.

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