DRUMC actively encourages those who want to deepen their walk with Jesus Christ to at attend a Walk to Emmaus retreat. Offered one time in the spring and once in the fall, this is a life-changing three-day experience of New Testament Christianity that truly creates a new heart for those whose hearts are open to receive God’s work. Fall 2015 Walk to Emmaus is at Utica United Methodist Church. Men’s walk begins on Oct. 22. The women’s walk begins Thursday, Nov. 5. Retreats fill up quickly! Spring 2016 will be held in South Lyon. For more information, please email office@drumc.org  

The DRUMC Guatemala Team is preparing for their January 2016 mission adventure. Each month, we collect a different much-needed item that the team will bring with them. During September we are collecting vitamins B, C, D, E and glucosamine. For more information about where our team is headed http://servantministries.net/update2015.html